Sport Fridge Magnets

Sport Fridge Magnets

Our Sport Fridge Magnets are a small scale proportional representation of standard rugby, netball, basketball, football and hockey field, pitches and courts. 

The design is printed onto thin rubber magnetic sheeting which will cling to any metal surface - available in A4 or A3 size.  

Intended for use in the home, at school or in your local sports club to assist coaches and teams to strategically work out their gameplay.  

Sport Fridge Magnets are light and easily transportable.  From the fridge prior to game day, to the club rooms on Saturday.

Please use the drop-down menus above to select your preferred sport and size.  

We also produce each of these sports magnets at our larger standard sizes on metal panel or acrylic. See here on our Sport Collection page.


We currently sell white and coloured liquid chalk pens and micro fibre cloths on our Accessories page.  We recommend using Texta liquid chalk markers to write on all our boards.

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