Magnetic v Acrylic Chart Boards

Most of our Chart Board designs can be produced on either a high-gloss acrylic perspex or a magnetic metal panel.


Just choose the type of board you would prefer from the drop down menus (either acrylic or magnetic) when you order your Chart Board design.  

 You can view all our Chart Board designs here!

Acrylic Chart Boards

Our acrylic Chart boards come in a variety of standard sizes and are reverse printed using UV resistant inks.  All acrylic boards are 4.5mm deep and precision cut using laser technology.  These boards are not magnetic.

The acrylic boards can be hung using 3M command strips, which are which are available to purchase on our Accessories page.

The smooth glassy surface can be written on with liquid chalk pens or whiteboard pens and wiped clean with microfibre cloth.  Visit our Accessories page to view our range of pens.

Magnetic Chart Boards

Our magnetic Chart boards are made from folded metal panel (sides are 18mm deep) and the designs are printed onto a semi-gloss vinyl and wrapped onto the panel.  The boards come with key holes in the back frame ready for hanging.  Screws and wall plugs are provided free of charge with the board for easy installation.  

The metal surface can be written on with liquid chalk pens and wiped clean with microfibre cloth.  The magnetic boards come at the same price as the acrylic boards, with an added benefit that anything can be connected to the board with magnetic clips or buttons.  Check out our magnetic products also on our Accessories page.