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A great addition to the workplace

We use our Chart Noticeboard in the office daily to track inwards shipments. Its bright, adds a burst of colour to our otherwise monochrome office, and provides a quick, easy and uncomplicated reference point for our sales staff while they’re on the phone or speaking with customers. We love it! Kate, Tile Direct

Debut on Mitre 10 Dream Home

Great photo of the wonderful Mel Bloom from Brackenridge and Bloom Design holding one of our boards from our debut on Mitre10 Dream Home last night.

Thanks Mel! So pleased #TeamBlack and Bailey, Summer and Joshua liked the boards. Check out the latest episode featuring three of our designs in the kids rooms - Go Team Black!


Kids can write little notes and messages and things they need to remember for school like homework. So it's always there. They're really cute and they're all handmade which is awesome!Mel Bloom

Charting out your busy week

Great to get this feedback today from a Chart Customer - so cool to hear how the board is helping her chart out her busy weekly schedule.

I can see the week set out… where we are all going and what needs to happen. It also really fits the style of my house and the décor, which is important to me. I wouldn't be without my chart. It makes me feel relaxed, happy and in control of family life.Carolyne