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Finding ways to share the mental load

Finding ways to share the mental load

This article in the Huffington Post about the everyday reality of carrying the mental load really resonates - the amount of thinking that goes on behind the organisation of a busy family.  

Our business began when Sarah was looking for a solution to help manage her family's schedule - school, sport and work commitments, weekly meals, shopping reminders, gifts for birthday parties.  Her diary was full of her commitments and everyone else's but she was the only one who carried the big picture of what was going on.  She created a centralised weekly calendar to keep on top of the comings and goings in the home, and it created a way for everyone in the family to participate in carrying that mental load.  She started getting requests from friends for her to make them boards, and Chart was born!  

Our customers say one of the benefits of having a Chartboard is it's an excuse to sit down together at the start of the week to get an idea of all the commitments and have a chat about everyone's plans before writing them up.  It helps to iron out any logistical issues and clashes and makes everyone aware of the happenings in the home.  What does your family's weekly routine look like? What are the main barriers to getting everyone involved in sharing the mental load?   

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