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Kids Collection

Kids Collection

This week we are celebrating kids at Chart.  We have a large range of products to help kids organise in style and have a bit of fun!

Pegboards are a great way to store pens, paints, scissors, paper - so why not create a kids craft station?  We've made it easy at Chart to organise and save at the same time by pulling all the basics together in one Kids Craft Station Pack and applying a 10% discount to the price!

How about jewellery?  Buy one our of shelves along with a pegboard and some hooks and create a fun space to store jewellery and kids treasures.


Our pegboards are magnetic so you can pair them with our magnetic wooden pegs to create a fun photo wall with fairy lights.


After a creative drawing space in your kids room but don't want a plain whiteboard?   Use our City Grid Chart board in acrylic to create a colourful high gloss scribble wall in your kids playroom.  Try one of our new images boards for the older ones!










Our Calendars can help your kids keep track of their busy routines by recording their weekly homework schedule or reminders.  If you choose the magnetic panel finish they can attach school notices and homework sheets directly to the board as well!



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