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Merry Christmas!

Christmas is coming and Chart has some fantastic gift ideas!  As we start looking to January 2014 and all those well-intended annual resolutions, why not give the perfect gift of one of our designer noticeboards to help everyone get organised and enjoy a fresh start to the New Year.  

We now offer Gift Cards to make it easier if you are buying for someone else, or just want to let the kids make their own choice of colour and style for their bedrooms!

We've also created a collection of our best sellers for 2013 on our website so you can quickly find fantastic ideas for Christmas gifts.  

In our Best Sellers Collection you'll find some of our most popular designs.  The Runway board is great for making shopping lists and setting our daily or weekly routines or menus.  City Grid is often purchased for kids rooms and is great for noting down things to take to school, or reminders about sporting activities, and inspirational quotes!  The Seven Days board comes in a ready-made format with letters and lines representing each day of the week.  We have a range of colour palettes or we would be happy to discuss customising colours to suit your home.  We use Resene paints and can colour match our boards to your wall.  

To make sure there is adequate time for production and shipping on time, our closing date for Christmas orders is 5 December 2013.  Merry Christmas everyone!

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